Yang Kee Logistics Pte Ltd (“Yang Kee”), together with LOGOS SE Asia (“LOGOS”), today breaks ground to commence constructing its signature facility, the Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub (the “Facility”). Integrating an automated crane hoisting system to a special framed architectural structure (“integrated framed hoisting automation”), Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub will include the world’s first framed multi-storey automated container depot that addresses the productivity issues the traditional industry is currently facing.

With a total gross floor area of approximately 66,000 square metres, the S$150 million Facility will comprise five storeys of warehouse space, workshops, office units, food and beverage outlets, roof top parking, and two storeys of automated container depot. Located in close proximity to the Lube Park and Tuas Mega Port, the Facility will be well positioned to serve existing and potential customers from the shipping, industrial and oil & gas sectors upon completion.

The key challenges faced in this still traditional sector are heavy congestion, where drivers have to queue long hours to collect and return empty containers at depots; driver shortages; and land scarcity. The innovative integration of the automated crane hoisting system and the architectural building structure will increase Yang Kee’s operational efficiencies and minimise conventional manoeuvring space, which will in turn, raise its overall competitiveness.

“Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub will be the first private sector-led integrated logistics facility of its kind in Singapore, and will be a game changer in the industry to lead productivity gains. With a warehouse and automated container depot housed in close proximity, the supply chain effect will be more seamless, reducing turnaround time especially for prime mover drivers,” said Mr Ken Koh, Group CEO of Yang Kee Logistics.

Smarter, sustainable environment for logistics – increase industry productivity and desirability

As the first facility in the world to showcase an integrated framed hoisting automation, Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub is expected to contribute to the wider movement of creating a smart built environment in Singapore, in line with the Industry Transformation Maps by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, where enterprises are encouraged to leverage on technology to drive productivity, innovation, value-creation as well as bolster enterprise capabilities and sector infrastructure.

“This new facility is an indication of our commitment in creating a future depot management ecosystem where we expect the automated container depot to increase productivity by six times, prime mover driver’s productivity to increase by two times and land intensification to increase by over 200%,” said Mr Ken Koh.

Currently, prime mover drivers typically queue for up to two hours to collect and return empty containers at depots. With the new automated container depot, queuing time for the drivers will be negligible, and the time spent on container surveying will significantly reduce

We are firm believers that innovation can be applied to all industries even traditional industries such as logistics. By utilising our logistics expertise and embracing innovation, we are able to look beyond our traditional offerings and contribute to the overall sustainability and competitiveness of both our industry and our environment.”

Moving beyond its traditional job offerings, the Facility is also expected to generate another 100 jobs in the next 3 years, and create higher value-added jobs such as automation container operators and automation maintenance in the logistics sector.

“Yang Kee Logistics’ growth strategies are in line with the Government’s effort to reinvent the sector, as highlighted in the Logistics Industry Transformation Map (ITM), launched last November. Its new facility seeks to redefine traditional container depot operations to improve productivity by introducing smart technologies and more efficient workflows. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and operational excellence. SPRING Singapore will continue to support forward-looking local enterprises like Yang Kee Logistics on their journey of transformation and growth,” added Mr Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive, SPRING Singapore.

Partnering LOGOS

Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub, a S$150 million investment of development costs, is a joint partnership between Yang Kee, who will manage and operate the Facility, and LOGOS. LOGOS set up its Singapore office in 2016 to invest, develop and build modern logistics properties in key South East Asian markets.

“We are very excited to be developing a world-class logistics facility together with Yang Kee Logistics. The property will be a landmark for the Tuas submarket which continues to grow in importance in the Singapore industrial landscape,” said Stephen Hawkins, Managing Director of LOGOS SE Asia.

“In Yang Kee, we believe in creating value and synergies from partnerships, either with private investors or with government agencies. We remain committed in our effort to reinvent the logistics sector in Singapore and believe that the Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub will be a successful case study in years to come,” Mr Ken Koh concluded.

Yang Kee Integrated Logistics Hub is expected to complete by the end of 2018, approximately 18 months from now

Hosted by Yang Kee and LOGOS at its Tuas South Link construction site, the Groundbreaking Ceremony has about 100 guests and was attended by Guest of Honour, Mr Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore, together with other invited business partners and guests such as Mr Law Chung Ming, Group Director for Transport & Logistics, IE Singapore, and Mr Allen Ng, Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Head, Corporate Office, Maybank who financed the Facility.